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An entertaining yet very informative novel about how business really works in Canada (and the USA and other countries) and how to make a billion! Wouldn't it be nice to have a billion dollars? 39 Canadians have a billion dollars and 536 Americans are billionaires too. The richest man in the world is Bill Gates who is worth over 90 Billion and who is also the largest shareholder in the Canadian National Railway.  Just how did they do it? Do you want to do it too? Let us show you how in a book that will both inform and entertain! 


A novel about how to make a Billion!!

Times have changed. Several decades back a million dollars was a huge fortune. In fact one million dollars in 1975 is actually 4.3 million in 2016 dollars! But today in Canada it is less than the price of an average detached home in Toronto or half the value of a detached home in Vancouver! In Canada we have over a million millionaires today! China has over 2.4 million millionaires and the USA has over 7.1 million millionaires.  A billion however is still a lot of money! It takes a thousand million to make a billion! You actually need ten million $100 bills to have a billion! That is a heck of a lot of money and represents 12 standard sized pallets!

Here I am holding $1500 and that is not a lot of money. In one time in Canada you could buy a car with it! But today you could only buy a set of tires for the car! Oh and if you are in the USA this is worth only $1121 US dollars and if in Europe its 1060 Euros. Money is not the most important thing in life but with it often you can have more fun!

Ron Battiston -Publisher

"Your Very First Billion". This is the only book that tells it like it is. In fact it tells you a lot of information that most official sources won't release. And there are some people in Canadian business who will get upset with releasing this information. That is what happens when you tell the truth! 420 pages in printed format or e-book format. 

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The senior management at Target neglected to read the Corporate Secretary's book and look what happened! And we have never shipped a copy to Greece and look what happened there!


Lets consider recent events in business in Canada. In 2015 the American retailer Target announced that their Canadian branch had gone bankrupt after only two years of operation and they were shutting down 133 stores and firing 17,500 hard working, dedicated staff. Why?

Remember the T. Eaton Company? That was a large Canadian company with over 70,000 full and part time employees who were in business in Canada for 130 years before they went bankrupt. Why did it only take Target two years to fail in Canada?

Americans are very smart when it comes to business and Target was a successful business in the USA. So what happened? 

They simply did not understand how business works in Canada. If the senior management at Target had read our book they would still be in business and prospering. In 2014 a Canadian institution - Tim Horton's was bought out by a private company from Brazil called 3G Capital. Hundreds of staff were fired. Jacob Inc, Bombay, Bowring, Smart Set, Mexx Canada, Ben Moss, Danier Leather, Laura, Jacob, Marks and Spencer Canada and Sony all closed their retail outlets in Canada.  INCO and Falconbridge huge Canadian mining companies were bought out by foreign countries. Nexen Petroleum from Alberta was purchased by China! None of them read Marcie's book. Yes there is a pattern here!


In business, like life, somebody is always trying to eat you...Marcie explains this in greater detail. 

And times are very tough these days even for a business in the USA. We wonder how many American businesses would be in better shape these days if they had only read our book! 

In business, there are only a very few classic books. We think that this is one of them. Published in 2008 by Battiston Publishing, Canada it explains in novel format (to protect the guilty) how business works in general and how many people have made their first billion. And the story is told without being politically correct or overly opinionated. It is based on facts. And unlike most books on business it is fun to read. 


12 pallets ten million $100 bills = one billion dollars

Is Miss Farsea setting the bar too high? Many of us would be quite happy making our first million or first thousand or even a couple of hundred extra dollars! We all need to start somewhere. This book provides an excellent start for new or experienced entrepreneurs. Learn what works and what doesn't. Save yourself lots of money and grief. Over 80% of business startups fail in the first five years in Canada. Target was just one example. We can change that!

Does a billionaire work any harder than a millionaire? Or do they just do different things? Find out here. (they do different things!) If you are going to work hard anyway why not work at something that will make you some serious money rather than a subsistence wage? We show you how!

The book is 420 pages just the right size -not too big and not too small. There are enough pages to explain many aspects of business that you will usually never hear about. As we all know, most books on business are very dry and frankly quite boring to read. Your Very First Billion is completely unique and very readable. It will keep you informed and entertained page after page. It's the type of book that once you pick it up you don't want to put it down again or give away. Although written with a Canadian perspective it also contains information for business everywhere. It applies to start ups, students, small and large businesses and after reading it we think you will have a completely different attitude towards business.

Many businesses in Canada are owned by companies in the USA or other countries. Dairy Queen is one example, Wal-mart, Tim Horton's, General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler and Target are other examples. If you are going to do business in Canada and succeed it is critical that you know the information contained in this book. And many Canadian companies are not Canadian companies but in fact are foreign owned tax havens often owned by criminals in other countries. I can assure you that this fact is not being taught in Canadian Universities and until recently is not being reported in Canadian media. Canadian governments up until now have done absolutely nothing to eliminate this type of criminal behavior in Canadian business.

Suddenly, things will start to make sense and you will see by example how great wealth is created working just as hard or possibly not even as hard as the small business person or ma and pa operation. You will also understand why ma and pa won't get rich and why and it's not because they aren't working hard or aren't smart enough. They are simply going the wrong way. 

You will not find this book in bookstores. We distribute the book exclusively on-line via our North American printer. Each book is printed on demand. A very inexpensive download is also available. We do recommend the printed book format however because we think its much more enjoyable to read that way. A printed book is also a better method of sharing reality. Unfortunately our Internet is broken today and nearly every screen you see is loaded with advertising or between 25 and 30 lines of material.   You can take a book and find a comfortable chair or take it with you and not worry about plugging it in or finding an internet connection. 


What's in the book? Quite a lot is the answer. Even listing the content would take about six pages. So we won't do that here. And simply listing the topics won't tell you about the information presented on those topics. In fact the information provided is usually not what you might expect. An example "e-commerce more and less complicated than it looks" " How Banks work" will surprise you. "Reports and Analysis" introduces a critical difference between the two which you likely have not considered. "Americans and Canadians" underlines the differences that business people understand when doing business with each group.  A classic difference was discovered by Wal-Mart when they first moved into Canada and discovered that their Greeter was getting entirely unexpected results at the door compared to American customers. Some quick changes were made!

One of the main points in the book is that you can work very hard as people do in Ma and Pa businesses and you will never make a billion. You simply cannot do all the work yourself. You absolutely must have people working for you and with you. Lots of people. In fact Bill Gates has 118,000 employees working for his company Microsoft.  And the strange thing is that you really won't work any harder to make a billion than you would flipping hamburgers all day at your burger stand. You need to change your point of view and methods and this book shows you how. 

At the very least -we think there is enough information here to save you thousands or even millions or in Target's case billions of dollars in business. Even if you don't make your billion you will still be further ahead.  Now remember, this book is printed in North America using environmentally sensitive methods and paying our workers a living wage. We could sell the book for even less if we got it printed offshore in a sweat shop using dangerous inks and child labor. But that's not the way we conduct business. Our books are printed in North America. 

A note about delivery. Our printer uses two delivery methods. Express delivery is very expensive and we don't recommend it. Regular delivery is your best value. Instant downloads are a very inexpensive option but we recommend the printed book because that format is much easier to read and enjoy. The advantage of the download is that you can keep in on your computer or laptop and have ready access to the information wherever you go. The e-book is quite inexpensive and one good idea is to purchase them both. Keep on your desk or in your library and the other on your laptop or tablet. 



We designed the cover for several purposes and one was to have some fun. Speaking from experience -when you are seen with this book people will notice you! Try reading it on a bus, train or plane or in a business meeting or office and suddenly everyone knows that you have raised the bar. Eyebrows go up!  The cover itself is a great conversation piece. I was told that it also has this strange effect of attracting members of the opposite sex. I am not sure why. Also included in the book are several original cartoons by the Publisher penned especially for this publication. They are quite funny! OK I did them!

This book makes an excellent gift to yourself, your employees, friends or students. When somebody gives you an excellent book you never forget them! And usually they give you something back too!

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